Independent Brewers Industry Report

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There is currently a shortage of quality data available when it comes to the craft and independent beer industry which is a problem for both brewers and those who want to support and service these businesses.

This report is the first structured effort to source and provide the information needed to both measure the actual size of the industry and provide peer to peer comparison information to assist financial management.

The intended audience for this report are Australian Independent Brewers and its purpose is to provide you with industry relevant data that can be practically applied to help make meaningful decisions in your business.

This report provides information around three main pillars of Industry size, operational comparisons and market insights.

Independently crafted: Operational insights, market insights and consumer trends


Industry Size & Composition

  • How big is the beer industry?
  • How much of it is made up of independent brewers?
  • What is the composition of the industry?

This information enables brewers to determine their market share as both independent brewers as a whole and as individual operations, this makes it easier to assess the size of the market being competed for and how much progress there has been made in terms of growth.


Peer to peer operational comparisons

  • What does the profit and loss statement look like within each category?
  • How does it evolve and change as operations grow?
  • What are the main revenue drivers and expenses at each stage of growth and within each category, and how does this change as operations grow??

This report gives brewers an insight into what financial performance they can expect at each stage of growth and or within each category of operation. These figures are not intended to be benchmarks we currently do not have sufficient data to enable this, but it does give a good indication of what the average operation looks like.


Consumer Insights for the Independent Beer Brewing Industry

  • Target demographics by age gender and location
  • Average weekly spend by state
  • Average Craft Brewery visitation frequency by state
  • Average Specialist Craft beer bar/pub visitation frequency by state
  • Beer style trends?

This information enables brewers to determine their local (by state) target market and their purchasing habits which in turn will assist brewers in determining their most appropriate business model and marketing strategies.

So now we know what they look like and where the majority live, what are their purchasing habits? Purchase to read more.



Executive Summary                                                                                                                          

Section One: The Australian Beer Market: size and composition                                          

Part A: Overview of Production volume data                                                                                    

Total beer production in Australia by Volume                                                                                      

Categories as a percentage of the industry over the last three years                                                     

Changes in number of entities and production over the last three years                                                 


Part B: Overview of Production volume data                                                                                    

Domestic retail sales dollar values                                                                                                   

Craft dollar growth                                                                                                                         

Insights from revenue from sales data                                                                                              

Section one conclusion                                                                                                                   

Section Two: Peer to peer operational comparisons

Average production volumes and revenues                                                                                      

Packaging and Distribution channels                                                                                                

Distribution Channels                                                                                                                        

Distribution by Revenue                                                                                                                    

Section Three: Operational Figures & Industry Insight

Operational performance figures

Nano breweries                                                                                                                             

Micro breweries                                                                                                                             

Regional  breweries                                                                                                                        

Contract breweries                                                                                                                         

Operational figures conclusion                                                                                                         

Employment Figures                                                                                                                         

Key Industry Concerns                                                                                                                     

Investment Preferences                                                                                                                    

Consumer Data

Product Trends